Traffic police will not have to show DL anymore , digital copy is enough

Traffic police no longer need to show the Original Copy of Driving License (DL) or Registration Certificate (RC). Now the digital copy of DL and RC in your mobile will be valid.


The Central Government has issued advices for the Transport Departments and Traffic Police of the States. It says that no document should be taken for verification from any driver.

Ministry of Transportation issued the Advisory
Referring to the provisions of the IT Act, the Union Ministry of Transport has asked traffic police and state transport departments to not take the original copy of the documents like driving license, registration certificate and insurance papers for verification.

The Ministry has said that the e-copy of the documents on the Digilocker or the MigrationView app will now be valid for verification. The Traffic Police can now remove the vehicle or vehicle information from the existing mobile from the database. Now it will not need original documents for variations.

Complaints were received by the government. The official said, "The ministry has received several complaints / RTI applications, where citizens have complained that the traffic in the Diesel or the Transport Department is not being accepted as a valid document by the traffic police or the transport department."

On this, the Ministry has clarified that in the designers and the M-parivahan app platform, citizens have the facility of keeping the document in electronic form. The insurance information board is also uploading information about the insurance of new vehicles and insurance renewal of the old vehicles, and it also appears in the Ministry's Mimarivahana and Machal App.
With the registration details of the vehicle on the M Parivahan or the E-chalan app, if the details of insurance are also present, then the original copy of the insurance certificate is not required.
The Ministry has also said that in case of any crime, there is no need to physically seize such documents, as law enforcement agencies can seize electronically through the ‘E-chalan' system, which will be seen in electronic databases.

Different options can be used to keep digital copy in mobile.

One can also keep the digital copy of the DL and RC in mobile. For this one need to download the mimic app or the digital app. Downloading the digital tracker or the migration app, it has to be audited by its base number.

Let's say you downloaded the MigrationView app. After this you have to sign up. You will enter your mobile number for the signup, after which OTP will come to your number. Entering OTP will verify your identity. In the second step you have to set your user name and password to login. After this, your migration account will be created. After this you will be able to save your documents in Digilocker.


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